Saturday, January 5, 2008

Riding Wild-Jaci Burton

Riding Wild
Jaci Burton
Berkley, Feb 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780425219317

Feeling a strong need to prove herself without her daddy’s contacts and influence, wealthy socialite Lily West left Texas. Private investigator Lily is hired to test the security provided to The Star of Egypt traveling exhibit by attempting to break into the In Chicago museum as a thief. To her shock, Lily catches her former lover Mac Canfield trying to steal from the exhibit.

Ten years have past since they last met, but now Mac begins to explain that he is not a cat burglar. However, before he can get very far with his explanation that he works undercover for the government, someone tries to kill both them. Mac knows why and believes he and Kitty need to flee on his motorcycle. He grabs the consignment he came to purloin and persuades Lily to hide with him for safety sake. She agrees, but ignores his desire for much more as he hurt her rather badly when they were an item over a decade ago.

This action-packed second chance erotic romantic suspense thriller will have readers RIDING WILD with the lead couple as they flee for their lives. The story line is hot and fast from the moment that the two separately break into the museum (what a reunion) and never cools down until the Harley is parked.

Harriet Klausner