Friday, January 4, 2008

Killing Fear-Allison Brennan

Killing Fear
Allison Brennan
Ballantine, Feb 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780345502711

Seven years ago club owner and exotic dancer Robin McKenna’s testimony somewhat helped convict serial killer Theodore Glenn, who defended himself but could not overcome the DNA evidence at the murder scene. He and one other person know the forensic proof that caught him was not left at the scene by him; someone probably the dumb detective framed him. That is if you can call a frame when he did commit the homicides. She assumed she would never see the vile psychopath who killed her roommate Anna ever again though he vowed vengeance against those who sent him to prison.

An earthquake shakes the Bay area damaging San Quentin. During the turmoil, Glenn escapes. He plans to kill those who convicted him. At the top of his list is Detective Will Hooper. Not only did the cop arrest him and probably framed him, he had the gall to have a tryst with Robin who Glenn believes belongs to the perfect man: him. In fact he considers each new homicide as a gift to Robin. . Glenn is obsessed with Robin and thrills to the pain each new murder causes her. Glenn even leaves several hints that Anna still lives after all this time. Robin and Will relook the evidence though they doubt Anna survived her ordeal, but they begin to think the possibility exists. Will knows that Robin is on Glenn’s list so he must stop this maniac before anyone else dies.

This is an exciting serial killer cat and mouse game in which Glenn is as brilliant and amoral as a person can become as he only feels pleasure when he provides immense pain climaxing in the death of others. The story line is fast-paced once the triangle is set with his escape and never slows down as readers anticipate a final “perfect” confrontation. However before getting there Allison Brennan takes her audience through spins and twists that add tension to the strong suspense storyline.

Harriet Klausner