Monday, February 9, 2009

The Family Jewels-Carolyn Hart

The Family Jewels
Carolyn Hart
NAL Heat, Mar 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 0451226372

Jewel thief Olivia is addicted to sex; any male will do when she has the tickle, but especially those she can steal gems from. Jewel thief Paul is addicted to sex; any female will do when he has the tickle of “impulse control”. They know each other intimately, but she has an issue with his sleeping with her sister.

Olivia uses sex to rob victims. She loves her life of crime and sex. Paul feels the same way about his. They collide when they both try to steal the same jewels from an aristocrat. She purloins them with her loins and he steals them from her; leading to a challenge to see who can make the other submit to their superiority.

This is an interesting character study of two amoral unrepentant thieves who use sex as a weapon. The story line is driven by the rivalry between the lead couple although the climax (pun intended) feels out of place for this libido obsessed dueling duo. Fans who prefer a more ethical relationship in their heated tales need to pass; but those who enjoy something different starring dishonorable antagonists will want to read THE FAMILY JEWELS; as Olivia and Paul have the heart of unprincipled sex thieves.

Harriet Klausner