Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whisper of Warning-Laura Griffin

Whisper of Warning
Laura Griffin
Pocket, Mar 31 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416570646

Courtney Glass broke off with attorney John David Alvin when she learned he was married. She reluctantly agreed to meet him because she wants to end his harassment of her. When David arrives he is irate with her; he enters her car accusing her of harassment. Someone with a mask on enters the back of the car and pulls out a gun. He grabs her hand and puts it on the gun and pressures her fingers into squeezing the trigger killing David. She manages to grab pepper spray and hit him in his gray cold eyes before she flees from the vehicle.

Just transferred into Austin PD homicide, Detective Will Hodges leads the investigation as his new senior partner Nathan Deveraux is tied up with another case and besides has close ties to Courtney’s sister forensic artist Fiona (see THREAD OF FEAR). Will knows Courtney is hiding something from him, but believes she is innocent though he fears his attraction to her might be tainting his objectivity. More evidence points to Courtney as the killer with the motive being an angry ex lover. As the victim’s family and Will’s new boss pressure him to arrest her; Will vows to prove the troubled woman he loves is innocent.

WHISPER OF WARNING is an exciting police procedural starring a wonderful cop and an intriguing “femme fatale”. Will wants Courtney from the first moment they meet although he knows she is omitting important information. The story line is character driven mostly by this couple, but ably supported by a strong secondary cast. With a terrific plausible paradigm twist, Laura Griffin provides readers with a fabulous whodunit as Will somewhat controls his deepest urges in spite of Courtney’s seductive lure.

Harriet Klausner