Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hounding the Pavement-Judi McCoy

Hounding the Pavement
Judi McCoy
Obsidian, Mar 2009, $7.50
ISBN: 9780451226310

Following her divorce Ellie Engleman decides she needs company, but chooses a four legged one as she adopts a Yorkie who insists he is her Rudy, dead a decade. She also thinks she is going crazy as humans cannot communicate with canines via speech and she never heard of doggy reincarnation. Still she decides her new skill will prove handy as she becomes a Manhattan professional small dog walker to the wealthy of the Upper East Side.

She heads to the apartment of Buddy the Bichon only to find his owner Professor Albright dead and the prize winning dog missing. NYPD Police Detective Sam Ryder knows in his gut that Elle did not commit the homicide, but is doing something suspicious. Meanwhile Ellie searches for her pal Buddy fearing what will come of him from the dognapper.

This is a fun paranormal investigative tale starring a quirky heroine, a straightforward cop, and a cast of loquacious canines. The story line is amusing but avoids the trap of the “talk to the animals” cutesiness. With a nod to Dr. Doolittle, cozy fans will enjoy the competition between the amateur sleuth and the professional detective as she has a more accurate stoolie system to ask for help from than he does.

Harriet Klausner