Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Sacred Blood-Michael Byrnes

The Sacred Blood
Michael Byrnes
Morrow, Apr 2009, $24.95
ISBN 9780061340697

In a recently discovered crypt underneath the Temple’s Mount in Jerusalem, THE SACRED BONES OF JESUS Christ was found. Geneticist Charlotte Hennessy extracts some DNA from the remains and uses it on herself to cure herself from cancer evn as the Vatican wants the remains to “bury” them.

However, someone wants Hennessy dead and sends killers to perform the deed. They find her in Phoenix, Arizona, but though she survives the assault, they kill her lover and boss Evan Aldrich. They still go after Hennessy and her friend Father Patrick Donovan, as several diverse groups, especially those seeking to start Armageddon, want to possess the remains of Jesus. The prime faction is led by Rabbi Aaron Cohen who also sends henchmen at Israeli archeologist Amit Mizrachi and his Egyptologist lover Julie LeRoux who are investigiating the remains of Jesus.

This over the top thriller is a fast-paced sequel that hooks the audience early on and maintains the readers attention through the frantic pacing. Amit and Julie are a fun pair to follow as squabbling lovers who spend much of their digging time dodging bullets while trying to prevent Armageddon. Fans will enjoy this exciting tale as theology, science, and history converge with the cat and mouse encounters over THE SACRED BLOOD.
Harriet Klausner