Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long Lost-Harlan Coben

Long Lost
Harlan Coben
Dutton, Apr 2009, $26.95
ISBN 9780525951056

A decade has passed since sports entertainment agent Myron Bolitar and TV reporter Terese Collins have spoken to each other. So Myron is taken aback by a call from Terese currently in Angola. She invites him to meet her in Paris. He accepts her invitation especially since his latest relationship is apparently over.

In Paris, Myron’s rendezvous with Terese is not the love nest he expected. Instead she informs him her former husband an investigative reporter like her asked her to come see him in France so he can reveal to her a startling revelation of monumental proportion. He was murdered before he told her his stunner. However, her reason for asking Myron to cross the pond is that some of the blood at the homicide scene included that of his daughter Miriam killed in a car accident ten years ago. With pal Win at his side Myron investigates past and present.

Clearly over the Eiffel Tower and a few other European monuments, LONG LOST is a great thriller that fans of Myron will fully relish; just leave your plausibility meter outside the reading experience. Harlan Coben hooks the audience from the opening phone call and never gives a breather as twists and spins occur throughout. Myron’s Paris tryst is fun filled suspense as the hero feels French fried.

Harriet Klausner