Friday, December 16, 2011

Agent 6-Tom Rob Smith

Agent 6

Tom Rob Smith

Grand Central, Jan 5 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780446550765

In 1950, American singer Jesse Austin arrives in Moscow. A devout Communist, Jesse comes to perform. While Jesse sings on stage; intoxicated angry MGB agent Grigori heads towards the performer. Bitter over the official abduction of his beloved, Grigori causes an embarrassing incident.

In 1965 Moscow, former KGB operative Leo Demidov becomes suspicious when his wife Raisa and their daughters (Zoya and Elena) are added to a contingency heading on a peace mission to New York City to reduce Cold War tension; he is refused passage with his family. Tragedy strikes in America leaving helpless Leo irate and grieving back in Moscow. Fifteen years ago when his protégé Grigori interrupted Austin’s show, Leo vowed to protect Raisa. Thus he demands the right to find the perpetrator who destroyed his family and consequently his mind. The party leadership says no so Leo goes rogue, but his inquiry takes decades as he travels the world to try to locate Agent 6 who knows the truth of what happened in Manhattan in 1965.

The third Demidov Soviet Union thriller (see The Secret Speech and Child 44) is a great historical that deeply focuses on the impact of almost anyone even a former operative by a totalitarian state with a deadly secret police. Demidov’s journey is grim as he understands that all governemnts protect the State not the indivudals; only the Soviet regimes are much harsher in execution.

Harriet Klausner

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