Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweet Reward-Christy Reece

Sweet Reward

Christy Reece

Ballantine, Dec 27 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780345524096

In Agar, France, Last Chance Rescue operative Jared Livingston saves a little girl from a predator. However before his boss Noah McCall can rip his head for breaking protocol again, Jared’s ex wife Lara calls hysterically from Paris that someone kidnapped her baby. She and her second husband Carter Denison are heartbroken.

In Chicago, Sandi Winston explains to Mia Ryker of Riker Rescue that two weeks ago she gave her newborn away to men who insisted they would find a better home for her baby. She said two days afterward she reconsidered and called the police. Now she turns to Mia, but reluctantly admits they paid her two thousand for the child. Drawing pictures from what Sandi described, Mia tells her “client” she must clean up her act as a baby needs a nurturing mom. Two weeks later, LCR teams up Jared in his search for Lara’s baby with Mia’s search for Sandi’s baby. Jared thinks the midget is incapable of field work while she wonders if he ever smiles. As they fall in love, they need to have each other’s back if they are to complete the mission, which takes them into the heart of a deadly baby trafficking ring.

The third Last Chance Rescue trilogy (see Sweet Justice and Sweet Revenge) is a fabulous romantic suspense thriller starring two opposites as he is tight and withdrawn while she is open and uplifting. Action-packed from even before their first meeting, readers will appreciate this taut thriller in which the mission of saving the babies from a ruthless ring for the most comes before the attraction; when the romantic subplot takes center stage it feels like a required intrusion into an otherwise tense tale.

Harriet Klausner

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