Monday, December 12, 2011

Death Drops-Chrystle Fielder

Death Drops

Chrystle Fielder

Gallery/Pocket, Feb 21 2012, $15.00

ISBN: 9781451643602

Los Angels based Naturopathic Dr. Willow McQuade has come home to Greenport, Long Island to spend time with her beloved sexagenarian Aunt Claire Hagan. The late twenties doctor helps her master herbalist aunt at the latter’s Nature’s Way Market and café. Willow is somewhat estranged with her mom Daisy who insists her practice is quackery and her sister is “the real doctor” Natasha who live nearby.

After walking in the nearby Nature Conservancy Preserve, Willow comes home to find Claire dead. She apparently took a poison placed inside her bottle of Mimulus. Claire’s assistant Janice Dorian accuses Willow of murdering her aunt in front of the lead detectives Koren and Coyle. When she inherits her aunt’s establishment, the cops suspect her even more so as she has motive. Willow thinks the homicide is related to her aunt’s missing top secret natural anti aging Fresh Face formula. With former cop Jackson Spade, who is on disability due to a back injury, helping her investigate, Willow searches for the missing elixir while someone sabotages the business and a killer tries to murder her.

This is an engaging investigative thriller held together by the intriguing dedicated Willow. Each chapter begins with the N.D. providing homeopathic advice to clients; there are also other tips Willow gives woven into the storyline, but people too easily accept her natural medical guidance. Still this Natural Remedies mystery is an enjoyable whodunit as the star is Willow’s health tips.

Harriet Klausner

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