Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Burning Edge-Rick Mofina

The Burning Edge

Rick Mofina

Mira, Dec 20 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778313014

Two years her husband Bobby died leaving Lisa Palmer a grieving single mom trying to help her children Ethan and Taylor with their loss. To pay the bills, she sold the cabin on Lake George that was part of his family since 1957 but believes Bobby would understand. Driving from Upstate New York to her home in Queens, Lisa makes a pit stop in the Ramapo exit of the New York State Freeway. An armored car arrives, but two gunmen kill the delivery men and an FBI agent who was next to her; she feels guilty over the Fed because she dropped his gun that he asked her to remove from his pocket, which led the murderous robbers to him.

Terminal cancer victim, FBI agent Frank Morrow leads the hunt for the killers. Under questioning as an eye-witness, Lisa provides a key clue to the identity of sone of the murderers. Meanwhile, ambitious reporter Jack Gannon investigates at the same time Ivan Felk and his black ops crew plan to rob again in order to raise the rest of the money needed to pay the ransom of some of his team incarcerated in Afghanistan, but first he needs to assassinate the witness by targeting her kids.

The latest Gannon investigation (see The Panic Zone and In Desperation) is an exciting tense tale starring a frightened widow, a dying cop, an ambitious journalist and an obsessed villain who adheres to the credo of no man left behind. The pulse pumping story line is fast-paced with readers anticipating a collision of the four protagonists. Although the climax is over the edge of the top of the Empire State Building, fans will enjoy the fourth taut Gannon thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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