Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scrapbooks of Secrets-Mollie Cox Bryan

Scrapbooks of Secrets

Mollie Cox Bryan

Kensington, Feb 7 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780758266316

Her very active sons, Ben and Sam, led to Annie Chemovitz quitting her job as an investigative reporter at a Washington paper with the support of her husband Mike. The Chemovitz quartet relocates to Cumberland Creek, Virginia where she becomes a stay-at-home mom. The town’s southern friendly residents make Annie feel good about their choices although she misses the excitement of her previous occupation. She especially likes spending time with a group of scrapbookers.

The rustic tranquility of the town is shattered with the death of Maggie Rae Dasher, a mother of four small children and a closet scrapbooker in what looks like a suicide, but the evidence affirms a homicide occurred. That same day at the supermarket, someone puts a knife into the neck of the mother of scrapbooker Vera; the woman does not even feel the blade, but is rushed to the hospital where a doctor removes the protruding weapon. Annie and her crop circle scrapbookers find pictures and other mementos belonging to Maggie Rae dumped outside the victim’s home, they take their find with them. The group realizes Maggie Rae was into S&M with secret lovers. One of them is likely the killer so Annie dusting off her previous investigative skills looks into the murder of the mother.

Cozy fans are going to love this fast-paced Cumberland Creek Mystery due to strong characterizations that bring a sense of place to the entertaining storyline. Although the cops’ failure to find the Maggie Rae mother lode seems off, rotating third person perspective between three scrappy scrapsters, Mollie Cox Bryan provides an engaging regional whodunit. This new series look to be spectacular.

Harriet Klausner

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