Sunday, August 21, 2011

Attracted to Fire-DiAnn Mills

Attracted to Fire
DiAnn Mills
Tyndale, Oct 1 2011, $12.99
ISBN: 9781414348643

Like all the dedicated agents who work for the Secret Service, Meghan Connors hopes to protect POTUS. Her current assignment is one Megan would prefer to not have, but she knows this is the last step before POTUS as the dedicated agent diligently tries to keep the Vice President’s daughter Lindsay Hall safe as her father makes a bid for the Oval office. This is not an easy task as Lindsey is a rebel without a cause whose addictive behavior places her in awkward often dangerous situations while also causing harm to her dad’s campaign.

To keep Lindsey safe from a viable threat, she is exiled to the remote Dancin' Dust Ranch in Texas. Vice President Hall demands Lindsey accompany his daughter while Agent Ash Zinders is also assigned to the team. However though the ranch is in the middle of nowhere, the attempted assaults on Lindsay escalate with bombings and homicides. Although they are rivals for the opening slot on the POTUS protection unit, Agents Connors and Hall rely on one another as they keep their charge safe while investigating why Lindsey remains a target with her so removed from DC.

This is a tense romantic suspense thriller in which readers learn quickly how dedicated and diligent the Secret service Agents are as they risk their lives to protect their charges. The romance is typical of the sub-genre as a critical grump falls in love with a peer who understands addiction from her sister’s issues. Although readers will ironically identify the villain long before anyone else does, the key to this strong taut tale is the whodunit while keeping Lindsay is the prime focus of the story line and the two agents.

Harriet Klausner

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