Friday, August 19, 2011

Death in a Difficult Position-Diana Killian

Death in a Difficult Position
Diana Killian
Berkley, Sep 6 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425243817

In Stillbrook, fire and brimstone Reverend David Goode proclaims in his sermons that yoga is a demonic practice and those participatingare heading to hell while the instructors are the devil’s ignorant agents. Reverend Goode specifically attacks two studios: Sacred Balance yoga studio owned by A.J. Alexander and Yoga Meridian manager Lily Martin. Rivals A.J. and Lily try separately and together to reason with the Reverend; but he reacts with a warning for them to stop their evil ways. Lily threatens him in public.

When John Bauman’s cows are slashed in a nasty demonic ritual, Reverend Goode attacks sin fostered by places like the yoga studios. The Reverend also blames A.J. for tempting his wife who uses free passes to attend the classes at Sacred Balance. Soon afterward someone kills Goode. The police arrest Lily who had motive and opportunity. Having solved homicide cases before (see Murder on the Eightfold Path) A.J. and her Hollywood mom Elysia and her Golden Gumshoes TV cast investigate by looking into who else had a motive to kill the good reverend, but quickly finds a horde of suspects as this pious soul proves to be a hypocrite with his application of the Golden Rule being he gets the gold and makes the rule.

Putting aside that the Hollywood contingent wanting publicity for their TV detective show seems a stretch of a motive for conducting an inquiry, readers will enjoy the latest humorous Mantra for Murder amateur sleuth. The story line starts out a bit slow though amusingly so as the payers and their relationships are set, but accelerates once the homicide occurs. Fans will enjoy the mother and daughter team as they investigate the murder.

Harriet Klausner

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