Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enemy Mine-Karin Harlow

Enemy Mine
Karin Harlow
Pocket, Aug 30 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9781439177877

L.O.S.T. operative Nikko Cruz is freezing in Siberian arctic conditions at the base of the Tian Shan range in Kyrgyzstan as the frigid temperatures are way below zero. However Nikki knows his heart is even colder than the weather ever since he killed the only woman he ever loved.

Thus when his mission to track hijacked enriched uranium fails with him being ambushed; Nikko is shocked by who rescues him. His dead beloved, half-daemon Selena Guererro injects the only man she ever loved Nikko who is dying with her immortal blood serum even knowing this places her in danger and perhaps their nine year old daughter Marisol who Nikko thought she killed, too. When Nikko heals, he follows her to the terrorists who stole the weapons enriched uranium. His revised plan is first to kill the terrorists and recover the uranium; and then deal with the woman he wants to choke to death at the same time he wants to kiss her.

Readers will enjoy Karin Harlow's latest Last Option Special Team romantic urban (Siberian?) thriller (see Enemy Lover) as the star-crossed lovers meet for the first time since he killed her for killing their child. The story line is action-packed from the moment the hero is left to die and never slows down as he confronts the terrorists and the hybrid woman he loved (and still does) and killed.

Harriet Klausner

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