Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calling Mr. King-Ronald De Feo

Calling Mr. King
Ronald De Feo
Other, Aug 30 2011, $14.95
ISBN: 9781590514757

John Cole’s father lived 24/7 in a state of rage; his only passion was shooting anything. John loathed his angry bitter old man, but became an expert at shooting long distances. John left home before he and his dad had a Wild West gunfight overlooking the Hudson. John becomes a paid assassin. He quickly proves to be the top gun at his profession as his hits are surgically clean. Working for the Firm under the alias Peter Chilton, he has a perfect record of successful kills for over a decade.

Now in his early thirties, Peter’s last assignment in Paris should have taken a few hours, but he needed a week. His newest kill in the English countryside forced him to also take out an innocent bystander witness; the first time he broke the rules of international assassins. John dreams of retirement in the Georgian style home of his last victim. The Firm sends Peter to the Hudson to rusticate until the heat of the second kill cools off. John studies European architect until the Firm assigns Peter to Barcelona for his next hit.

This character driven engaging thriller stars a fascinating schizoid protagonist who begins to fantasize about retirement and reinventing himself. The story line is at its best when Peter stars at the beginning and the ending as he brings the dichotomy of precise killing and dreaming of a sedate future; the plot becomes less insightful and slower towards the middle when John studies architectural design while hiding in New York. Still overall this is a strong look at a person using denial as a defense mechanism while considering his options when he retires from a violent illegal profession.

Harriet Klausner

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