Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shoe Done It-Grace Carroll

Shoe Done It
Grace Carroll
Berkley, Oct 4 2011, $6.99
ISBN: 9780425244036

To Rita Jewel the best part of working at Dolce's Boutique in San Francisco is neither the wages nor dressing up high society. The jewel of working here is the steep discount her employer gives her that enables her to purchase some of the high end merchandise. Dolce sends Rita to pick up a pair of hand-made silver stilettos in Florida for her to have in time for fashionista MarySue Jenson to wear at the Golden Gate Garden Benefit, which is tomorrow. Rita picks up the shoes in South Beach and returns in time, but the customer confesses she does not have the money to pay for them and Dolce refuses to extend credit.

MarySue steals the customized footwear from Rita. Dolce and Rita want them back so the employee goes to Mary Sue’s house, but the shoe thief refuses to allow her entrance. Rita uses a ladder to try to enter the home, but the next thing she knows she is in a hospital being treated for injures. Dolce and Rita learn someone murdered MarySue and the stolen solver stilettos are missing.. Rita searches for the killer and the shoes only to find a horde of suspects hiding behind upper class respectability.

Shoe Done It is a fun somewhat satirical amateur sleuth tale that mocks at the compulsive obsessive behavior of fashionista as a stiletto by any other name is not just footwear. The first Accessories Mystery stars a heroine who is the Einstein of fashion and uses her knowledge of clothing to investigate who would literally murder to possess customized stilettos. Cozy readers will enjoy this entertaining San Francisco treat.

Harriet Klausner

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