Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beluga-Rick Gavin


Rick Gavin

Minotaur, Oct 30 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9781250015228

After taking $300,000 from a crazy Acadian meth dealer, (see Ranchero), former cop Nick Reid and his partner Desmond seek a less risky investment. Ex-convict Larry “Beluga LaMonte” Carothers, brother of one of Desmond's previous girlfriends Shawnica, offers the pair a once in a lifetime lucrative investment opportunity that neither best friends can resist though the source is shaky at best.

Beluga LaMonte tells the two buddies that there is a truckload of stolen Michelin tires. Give him 30K and he will steal the load from the thieves and arrange a quick fire sale. However, what Beluga LaMonte fails to inform Reid and Desmond is that gentleman Lucas Shambrough is the kingpin of the original robbery; he takes no prisoners when he feels butt slapped. He assigns his mistress costumed schoolgirl Alice Marie Fennick AKA Mako and Isis to destroy the repo thieves. Choctaw-African-American cop Tula Raintree wants to handcuff Nick who would appreciate it in her boudoir but that is not where she intends to lock him away.

This is a zany violent Mississippi Delta crime caper starring two lunatics (who make Hackman and Ackroyd seem normal in the movie Loose Cannons) and a horde of even crazier friends who are more foes, and enemies. Fast-paced, fans who enjoy an over the top of Woodall Mountain thriller will appreciate this wild commodities war.

Harriet Klausner

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