Monday, October 1, 2012

The Snow White Christmas Cookie-David Handler

The Snow White Christmas Cookie

David Handler

Minotaur, Oct 16 2012, $26.99

ISBN: 9781250004543

Two back to back blizzards have buried much of Connecticut in snow with no relief in sight as a third snowstorm is coming. Although affluent Dorset looks like a Norman Rockwell painting, the storekeepers are concerned as annually this is their best retail season, but no one is out shopping. However, someone is making the rounds as expensive Ugg boots are taken, and mail-order drug prescription packages and holiday tips left for mail carriers are being stolen from the mailboxes. Making matters worse are two apparent suicides; as Bryce leaves a note while taking an overdose and mail carrier Hank dies from carbon monoxide poisoning after tying a hose to his car's tailpipe.

Connecticut State trooper Desiree Mitry investigates as do an alphabet horde of law enforcement types from the USPS, FBI and DEA. They forge a task force that makes the Keystone Cops look competent. With her lover film critic Mitch Berger assisting her, Des ties Josie Cantro the life coach to both suicide victims. However complicating matters for Des is Mitch goes missing.

The latest Berger and Mitry Mystery (see The Blood Red Indian Summer) is a wonderful though overly complicated whodunit as the snow has everyone going stir crazy except for a few criminals. Berger’s wry commentary on movies as always are fun while his Hanukkah bush d├ęcor reminds me of my spouse’s “Hanukkah bush.” Fans of the series will enjoy The Snow White Christmas Cookie.

Harriet Klausner

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