Saturday, October 6, 2012

Crisis Of Faith-Eliza Wood

Crisis Of Faith

Eliza Wood

Pomegranate Free Press, Oct 19 2012, $24.95

ISBN: 9781938341014

In Manhattan, the terrorists attack the proposed site of a mosque. In the name of God, their deadly assault leaves several women and babies dead. Like many tolerant people, the President is horrified by the latest domestic terrorism caused by fundamentalist Christians at a time when the country and the world face plenty of crises. Disgusted, POTUS establishes a task force to look deep into the bone marrow of those behind the deadly attacks in the name of God.

Though each member of the task force like Lisette Collier knows they are targets from nut cases from all the religions, they diligently investigate the root causes of genocide in the name of God. The team finds many instances of violent heavenly wrath in the bible especially the Old Testament but also Revelations with its genocidal Armageddon. Many instances in history of ethic and religious cleansing are highlighted. They begin to challenge the Words of the Christian Bible and other religious canon.

Crisis Of Faith is a deep look at religion from the viewpoint of kill thy neighbor if he or she worships differently. The fascinating storyline is inundated with facts that stun the audience. Eliza Wood makes a powerful argument that religion is a prime cause of hate. Many of those who denounce Shia Laws demand Judeo-Christian Laws enacted and proclaim the American equivalent of Fatah against their opponents. The information on genocide is frightening as Ms. Wood provides an exciting fact-based frightening thriller that paints God and religions in a terrible violent light; paraphrasing H. Rap Brown; violence is as religious as Cherry Pie.

Harriet Klausner

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