Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Apocalypse Directive-Douglas MacKinnon

The Apocalypse Directive
Douglas MacKinnon
Leisure, Aug 2008, $7.99

In the very near future, the American people elect an evangelical Christian president Shelby Robertson, who is now in the third year of his second term. He appointed true believers to his cabinet posts, but none except his most inner circle of trusted advisers realize he is a pure fundamentalist who believes that the Word of his version of the bible and his messages from God supersede that of the Constitution. He strongly feels that Jews, Muslims, other religions, and non Fundamentalist Christians need to be eradicated so that heaven can come to earth.

The president accepts that his dreams come from God instructing him what to do. He has built an underwater complex Neptune that will house 5000 disciples when he dispatches the total military arsenal on an unsuspecting world including those Americans he leaves behind. Hos followers,The Christian Ambassadors, have infiltrated every aspect of the government even the military; they wait for the Word while the Judas Group including the Vice President seek a Hail Mary to prevent a man-made pandemic hell on earth.

Before the current administration no one would believe that the premise behind THE APOCALYPSE DIRECTIVE is plausible, but few would doubt that now; with a few nuances much of this exciting cautionary tale could have happened. There is no question of secret governmental groups with no oversight or any accountability making policy whether it is Iraq or energy (remember Cheney’s Energy Initiative) while the White House has the leader who admits he goes with his feelings rather than all the facts. Douglas MacKinnon extrapolates somewhat the Bush Imperial presidency's pampering of the Fundamental Right into a frightening chilling tale that will scare readers to their souls because it suddenly seems possible. Fast-paced while the clock ticks away as Armageddon seems certain, the Supreme Court would probably have deliberated 5 to4 (with the five holding session inside Neptune that THE APOCALYPSE DIRECTIVE is constitutionally legal because they would say In God the Founding Fathers trusted.

Harriet Klausner