Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rigged For Murder-Jenifer Leclair

Rigged For Murder
Jenifer Leclair
Durban House, 2008, $14.95
ISBN: 1930754884

Still suffering from PTSD following the death of her police partner Phil and blaming herself, Minneapolis homicide detective Brie Beaumont takes a needed leave of absence. Brie recalls her favorite childhood activity was sailing with her dad in command of their vessel until he died from a heart attack at only forty-eight years old. Realizing being away from the job is not enough as Phil haunts her every step, she leaves town booking a sailing tour starting in Camden Harbor, Maine on the schooner Maine Wind captained by John DuLac.

However, a storm forces the captain and crew to seek haven in Granite Island Harbor. At dinner, Pete McAllister flirts outrageously with Alyssa Lindstrom, whose husband Rob angrily threatens to kill the womanizer and his wife. At 3:15 AM, a screaming hysterical Alyssa wakes up everyone having discovered the murdered corpse of Pete. Detective Beaumont offers her investigative skills and DuLac accepts. Thus the cop and the captain try to uncover the identity of a killer although the jealous spouse is the prime suspect.

Admiration of each other’s talent turns into an attraction between Brie and John that is used to enhance an engaging New Englander whodunit. Readers will believe they are sailing on the schooner and waiting out the storm at Granite Harbor as Jenifer LeClair vividly captures the Maine background in the Windjammer mystery. With a strong support cast including the capable crew, the battling passengers, and the eccentric islanders to add depth, fans will enjoy RIGGED FOR MURDER.

Harriet Klausner