Thursday, June 19, 2008

Disclosure-Nancy Holder

Nancy Holder
Silhouette Athena Force, Jul 2008, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373389834

NSA operative and Athena graduate Allison Gracelyn code name Delphi is stunned when she realizes she has been framed as a traitor. Only a superior could have accomplished this deed that is so perfectly set up that anyone who did not know Allison would believe she did the deed; she considers perhaps her new boss might be involved while Agent Selena Shaw Jones warns her that an FBI operative is at the center of the frame.

Besides needing to clear her name, Allison knows that a brilliant but insane daughter of the late Arachne is planning a major terrorist attack on the United States. While on the run, she must find a way to prevent the aerial bombings. Her only hope is with her NSA contact Morgan Rush, who has been told to bring her in dead or alive. However, he thinks someone high up in the NSA has set her up so instead of securing her, he joins forces with her to prevent a disaster on American soil and exposing the traitor.

This strong entry in a powerfully exciting romantic suspense series hooks the readers from the onset as Allison knows immediately (from the SSJ text message she is “compromised”) the exorbitant cost to her mom and the Athena Academy. Thus the heroine feels some guilt as she ponders what she could have done to keep the school she cherishes and the mom she loves and admires from harm. When she and Morgan hook up, readers will be in for quite a ride as the tension from the pending attack is exponentially raised by the tension between them. Nancy Holder writes a fabulous Athena Force romantic suspense thriller.

Harriet Klausner