Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fuzzy Navel- J.A. Konrath

Fuzzy Navel
J.A. Konrath
Hyperion. Jul. 2008, $23.95
ISBN 9781401302801

Not long after learning that the most dangerous maniacal criminal Alex Kork committed suicide, that same crazy female arrives at Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels’ house she shares with her mom in the Chicago burbs. The maniac quickly take control tying up with duct tale the homicide cop, her boyfriend Latham, her mom, her police partner Herb; and her wannabe partner Harry. She euphorically begins torturing her prisoners.

Everything abruptly changes for the worse when Jack’s latest enemies, a gang of vigilante snipers, surround the house with the intent of killing everyone inside the abode so they can claim the scalp of a cop or two. At about the same time petty thief Phin joins the festivities by entering Jack’s dwelling. However, Alex and the snipers don’t know Jack if you think she is going to sit idly by taped.

The action is non-stop when someone entering the back of Jack’s house and fails to answer her mom’s question is that you Jack and instead asks where is Jack as the torture begins. The key to the tale is the underlying humor throughout in spite of the growing tension and seriousness of the situation; one more person after another enters the fiasco sort of like the classic Groucho cabin scene on the ship in A Night at the Opera. Yet make no mistake humorous to a degree, FUZZY NAVEL is a serious taut thriller starring a strong cast of fully developed people including that “Korker” of a psychopath.
Harriet Klausner