Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jack with a Twist-Brenda Janowitz

Jack with a Twist
Brenda Janowitz
Red Dress, Jul 2008, $13.95
ISBN: 9780373895557

Yesterday the world looked great to Manhattan lawyer Brooke Miller. She and her fiancé following their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup romance were planning a wedding and her law firm has given her the first major case for her to represent in court.

Today the world is bleak as the opposing lawyer in court is Jack; not any Jack, but the Jack she knows as fiancé. Worse from the onset he makes it clear his client comes before his future wife at least in court. Jack pulls tricks, which Brooke trumps with her own dirty tricks, which Jack trumps in turn. Their families take obvious sides in a New York version of the Hatfields and McCoys; as their legal dispute spills into the streets via the media. Each wonders whether the other’s courtroom antics will show up in the bedroom; as the engagement becomes shaky.

This entertaining often amusing chick lit legal thriller is fun to follow as Jack and Brooke take turns in their courtroom cold war that shows signs of heating up in the bedroom. The story line is fast-paced; mostly seen through the heroine’s perspective as she acts and reacts to her fiancé’s stunts with ruses of her own. Offbeat, JACK WITH A TWIST is a humorous contemporary romance in which Brooke (and to a lesser degree Jack) must decide how far she goes before she has gone too far.

Harriet Klausner