Saturday, June 7, 2008

Armed and Glamorous-Ellen Byerrum

Armed and Glamorous
Ellen Byerrum
Obsidian, Jul 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780451224569

The DC Eye Street Observer fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian would prefer to work the crime beat, but her editor refuses to okay the transfer because he considers her a great journalist whose column often turns into murder investigations. She enrolls in Bud Hunt’s private investigation class that will enable her to become state certified as a private detective.

During a class break, another student Willow goes out to the parking lot only to find the corpse of Cecily Ashton inside her car; a bullet shot through the righte side of her face. They know it is homicide not suicide as no gun was found in the vehicle or nearby. Lacey interviewed the victim just last week re her clothing collection stored in a series of interconnecting closets in her home. There are plenty of suspects, but no solid evidence to make a case against anyone. Lacy investigates the murder that soon turns into a kidnapping and potentially a deadly experience for the heroine.

Readers will enjoy the latest Crime of Fashion investigative tale (see GRAVE APPAREL and RAIDERS OF THE LOST CORSET) as the heroine once again uses her journalistic skills to try to identify the killer (and stay alive too). Ellen Byerrum is especially skilled at creating fascinating eccentric characters starting with Lacey who thinks outside the designer box her editor prefers to keep her locked inside of; and the strong support cast who move the story line forward. Fans will relish ARMED AND GLAMOROUS, a cozy starring a fashionable trench coat, essential killer heels and designer whipping pearls.

Harriet Klausner