Monday, November 7, 2011

Battlefield 3 The Russian-Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale

Battlefield 3 The Russian

Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale

Grand Central, Nov 1 2011, $9.99

ISBN: 9781455508921

In 2014 in Moscow, former Spetsnaz officer Dima Mayakovsky and the only person he trusts Kroll rescue the daughter of a wealthy Russian. He kills the kidnappers including an old honorable comrade and with Kroll beats up the SWOT team that is only interested in the ransom money. Afterward Chief of Operational Security Paliov lectures Dima for killing the kidnappers before they could be interrogated and for hammering his unit. Dima leaves the “Aquarium” knowing he and Kroll did the honorable thing; something his former leaders like Paliov will never understand.

Secretary of Defense and Security Timofayen wants Dima to rescue Tajik arms dealer Kaffarov held by PCR leader Al Basher in Iran. Dima hates Kaffarov who the Russians should be euphoric is incarcerated yet wonders why they want this sob freed. They show him a Parisian photo that enlists Dima to undergo the mission that will take him from Iran to Paris on a nuclear trail.

With obvious ties to the Battlefield 3, The Russian showcases how good a military thriller author Andy McNab is as those unfamiliar with the games will still appreciate this action-packed tale. The insight into the Russian elitist industrial-military-political complex (Eisenhower’s worst nightmare but with a Russian bureaucratic spin) brings a realism to the exhilarating story line as Dima has no time for armchair fools. Gamesters and sub-genre readers will appreciate the escapes of Dima and Black in a Tale of two Cities threatened by nuclear maniacs.

Harriet Klausner

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