Friday, November 4, 2011

Measure of Darkness-Chris Jordan

Measure of Darkness

Chris Jordan

Mira, Nov 15 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780778312581

After contacting a friend “Gentleman” Jack Delancey for assistance, former FBI agent and child rescuer Randall Shane meets with his pal’s employer Naomi Nantz who runs an investigative firm at the Back Bay resident’s office. Randall explains a government agency is setting him up to take the fall for the murder of reticent MIT Professor Joseph Keener whose five years old son music prodigy Joey is missing. Joseph hired Randall to find his kidnapped son. Before he can say anything further, Black operatives smash through Naomi’s window and using tranq guns abduct Randall.

Nantz is outraged with what happened on her home turf. She and Jack realize whoever knew Shane was coming here has quite a surveillance system as he was snuck into the mansion from the latter’s car trunk. Fuming and embarrassed with the boot as a reminder of her being under her desk, she informs her team they will rescue the child and then the sleuth before solving the homicide case and confronting whichever agency is responsible for the assault on her office. The only problems are the evidence proves there appears to be no child and Shane killed his client.

The latest Shane investigative tale (see Taken, Trapped and Torn) takes a spin as he becomes the victim, which leads to the Nantz group as the lead to the exciting story line. Action-packed, readers will appreciate this taut suspense thriller as the evidence proves Shane guilty yet one lingering doubt remains as to why he was snatched. Fans will want to know the answer to this and more as Team Nantz works the streets of Boston seeking the truth.

Harriet Klausner

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