Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Towman’s Daughters-David J. Walker

The Towman’s Daughters

David J. Walker

Severn House, Oct 1 2011, $28.95

ISBN: 9780727880666

In Chicago, Dugan the lawyer, whose license to practice may be revoked heads to Wancho’s Towing to retrieve the car belonging to his wife Kirsten the private investigator which he caused it to be towed. Dugan accidently prevents Tyrone Beale from the kidnapping of Isobel Cho, daughter of the towing company and alleged criminal, Juan.

Dugan tells Kirstan what happened and the owner of Wild Onion, Inc. suggests they do nothing. However, they cannot stay out of it when they learn that Isobel’s boyfriend Jamison Traynor, son of a U.S. Senator, hired Tyrone to keep her safe, which is what he was doing when Dugan interfered. Meanwhile her father and his family want the relationship ended for different reasons; as Isobel pleads with Kirsten to investigate who is after her and why.

The latest Wild Onion thriller is a terrific tale due to the strong relationship between capable Kirsten and bumbling Dugan. The case is cleverly filled with twists as Chicago lives up to its reputation for hardball politics. Readers will be hooked from the first fall to the final confrontation as Kirstan and Dugan investigate.

Harriet Klausner

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