Saturday, November 19, 2011

One Perfect Shot-Steven F. Havill

One Perfect Shot:

Steven F. Havill

Poisoned Pen, Jan 3 2012, $24.95

ISBN 9781590589564

In 1987 in Posadas County, New Mexico, Sheriff Eduardo Salcido considers hiring nineteen year old Estelle Reyes-Guzman as a deputy. His Undersheriff Bill Gastner agrees to serve as the rookie’s trainer and quickly becomes her mentor as he appreciates her energy and intelligence.

Her first major case under Bill’s tutelage is the investigation into the shooting murder of county road grader Larry Zipoli while he sat in his vehicle. The evidence points to the deceased knowing his assassin; so the two law enforcement officials look into the victim’s wife, neighbors, boss, and construction peers. Bill and Estelle also inquire into the youngsters Zipoli took boating.

The latest Posadas County police procedural is a terrific prequel that focuses on the first teaming of the series protagonists. The case is deftly handled so that the mentor trains the mentee (and readers). Besides a strong timely (with what has happened at Penn State) investigation, the key to Steven F. Havill’s powerful thriller is long time fans will see clearly the traits that make Bill and Estelle strong law enforcement leaders and caring family members while newcomers will be introduced to these endearing heroes.

Harriet Klausner

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