Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hard Target-Howard Gordon

Hard Target

Howard Gordon

Touchstone, Jan 3 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9781439175828

Dale Wilmot has always been proud of his son Evan, a successful athlete who enlisted with the military. After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Evan returns home with his legs and right arm amputated; his once beautiful face scarred so hideously he makes Krueger look handsome. Dale is angry and bitter at what the government did to his beloved son and plans to make the Feds pay in accordance with an eye for an eye.

A meth junkie waylays former State department employee Gideon Davis to inform the academic that a terrorist plot to decimate the government is in motion. Gideon tells his former girlfriend FBI Agent Nancy Clement, but her skeptical superiors reject the original source as unreliable as they have no collaborating data. The informant fails to make a meeting with Gideon and Nancy so the former heads to West Virginia to ask his brother Tillman, recipient of a presidential pardon, to infiltrate Wilmot’s white supremacist militia. While the FBI continues to refuse to act on the Davis brothers’ information, psychopathic Wilmot is in DC deploying his plan.

The second Davis thriller (see Gideon’s War) is an exhilarating ultra fast-paced tale that starts in first gear and accelerates from there. The Davis brothers have reasons to be angry with the current administration and other leaders, but do not allow their personal contempt to prevent them from trying to stop a disaster from extreme right wing home grown terrorists. Howard Gordon is a top thriller writer thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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