Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Mist-Patricia Cornwell

Red Mist

Patricia Cornwell

Putnam Dec 6 2011, $27.95

ISBN: 9780399158025

Dr. Kay Scarpetta, head of the joint DOD-Massachusetts Cambridge Forensics Center, travels to the Georgia Prison for Women (GPFW) in Savannah to meet with inmate Kathleen Lawler to discuss the murder of her former deputy chief, Jack Fielding. Several months ago, Dawn Kinkaid killed her biological dad Jack who had her with Kathleen when the latter was a social worker and he a twelve years old boy. Scarpetta wants to understand what forces were at work that made Jack do what she did.

Kay gets a bad feeling from the attitude of the warden and guards, but is unsure what makes her uneasy. The star attraction at GPFW is Lola Daggett who resides in death row awaiting her Halloween execution. She was convicted of killing a prominent local doctor and his family. While taking with Kathleen, a note is transferred from her to Kay. The forensics expert calls the number in the note and former ADA Jamie Berger answers. She asks her to come to her temporary home. Jamie informs Kay she has proof that Lola is innocent but needs Kay’s expertise to support her when she files an order to stop the execution. Unwittingly due to her dedication, Kay is drawn into a series of events that connect the Lawler family massacre, inexplicable deaths at GPFW and a possible new way to destroy the military.

As always Patricia Cornwell writes an exhilarating thriller that will elate her fans who will immerse themselves deeply into the exciting story line. Readers will feel they are at the prison where several spins later much of the answers reside. Lucy and Pete play pivotal roles as Scarpetta goes from seeking the why Jack died to what looks like a conspiracy of such magnitude the military could be affected. Red Mist is Cornwell at her very best.

Harriet Klausner

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