Monday, January 2, 2012

Astride A Pink Horse-Robert Greer

Astride A Pink Horse

Robert Greer

North Atlantic Books, Mar 27 2012, $23.95

ISBN: 9781583943694

USPS mail-person Lyle Sudderman is poaching on restricted federal land when he notices a body hanging upside down in the Tango 11 decommissioned military nuclear silo near Wheatland, Wyoming.

Platte County Sheriff Art Bosack leads the investigation into the murder; USAF Office of Special Investigations Major Bernadette Cameron leads the federal inquiry into security breach. Former college baseball superstar Elgin “Cozy” Coseia, Digital Registry News reporter, arrives at the scene while Bosack and Cameron discuss jurisdiction. The body is that of retired USAF Master Sergeant Thurmond Giles, an expert on missile maintenance technology. Cozy’s boss and former college teammate Freddy Dames obtains tips and writes incendiary opinions criticizing the Air Force and the county’s sheriff department. Cameron’s superior officer Colonel Joel DeWitt demands she find nothing that embarrasses the department just short of ordering a hate crime finding. The government and the reporters focus on an antinuclear group who protested in the 1970s and 80s and the victim’s history of womanizing; even while the major joins the two journalists as the third amateur sleuth musketeer trying to solve the case together.

Astride a Pale Horse is an exciting investigative tale in which a present day homicide has ties to the Cold War era. The ensemble cast to include the lead trio, the corpse, other air force, the serif and the suspects are fully developed so that the audience understands what motivates each of them especially the politics of acceptable solutions. Fast-paced from the moment Cozy arrives at the silo and never slowing down readers will appreciate the three musketeers working a case that twists into an over the top of Mount Wheeler entertaining late thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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