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Memories of You-Bobbie Cole

Memories of You

Bobbie Cole

Carina/Harlequin, Mar 21 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780373062492; Amazon Digital Services - ASIN: B004MPRZDY

Over a year ago, Seth Taggert vanished without a trace. His girlfriend, ironically a cold case police detective, Charlie Vargas wants closure though there time together was short she really liked him. A man with Seth’s voce calls her and asks who she is. He explains he was in a car accident in Mexico, had facial reconstruction surgery and suffers from amnesia while currently residing in Houston. His only memory from before is her number. Others like his sister, her husband and his doctors insist he is Mason Aldridge but that feels wrong though he says they have no reason conspiratorially or individually to lie.

They agree to meet at the Tex-Mex where they first ate out together. When they see one another, neither recognize the other though his eyes look sort of similar and his mannerisms as she recalls seems the same.. Additionally, the pair is attracted to one another. Once a cop always a cop, as Charlie realizes someone is following Seth-Mason. Charlie decides to make inquiries unaware that the Feds are interested and an unknown adversary wants both of them dead.

This is a gripping romantic suspense thriller that hooks the audience from that first phone call and never slows down until the final twisting denouement. Readers will root for the brave heroine, backed up nicely by her partner Julio Rodriguez (hopefully his story will follow), and want Mason to be Seth. With a nod to amnesia driven movies like Paycheck, Shattered and Spellbound, Bobbie Cole provides an exhilarating fast-paced mystery as rightfully so the intrigue supersedes the second chance at love if they live so long.

Harriet Klausner

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