Friday, January 6, 2012

Sail of Stone- Ake Edwardson; Rachel Willson-Broyles translator

Sail of Stone

Ake Edwardson; Rachel Willson-Broyles translator

Simon & Schuster, $15.00

ISBN 9781451608502

While investigating the reported drowning of his father John Osvald during WWII in Scotland, Axel Osvald vanishes. In Gothenburg, Axel’s two offspring (Erik and Johanna) report to the police their father disappeared in they believe Scotland. Police Chief Inspector Erik Winter, who dated Johanna at one time, contacts Steve MacDonald, a friend at Scotland Yard, to help him with his inquiry when he comes to Scotland.

In Gothenburg, African-Swede police officer Aneta Djanali believes Anette Lindsten is a domestic violence victim who is too afraid to tell the authorities. When Anette vanishes, Djanali and her partner Fredrik Halders search for her with her family refusing to cooperate. At the same an unknown adversary sends threatening messages to Aneta warning her to back off or else while the cop also receives cryptic notes from the missing spouse.

The latest Erik Winter Gothenburg police procedural (see Frozen Tracks, Death Angels and The Shadow Women) is a terrific psychological thriller that looks deeply into the minds of the two lead cops as Ake Edwardson rotates perspective between them. The profound study of the psyches of Winters and Lindsten supersede the two cases they work on separately. Although first names can be a bit confusing, fans who appreciate an insightful character study that scrutinizes the motives of the cast, especially the lead cops, will want to read the entertaining meandering Sail of Stone.

Harriet Klausner

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