Friday, January 6, 2012

Due Or Die-Jenn McKinlay

Due Or Die

Jenn McKinlay

Berkley, Mar 6 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780425246689

Lindsey Norris is the library director for her small hometown of Briar Creek, Connecticut located by the water. She settled into her new position and has moved on passed the betrayal of her former fiancé John whom she caught with his graduate student. The Friends of the Library invite Lindsey to attend their next meeting as there is an election between uber-volunteer Carrie Ruston and her opponent incumbent Bill Sint over who should hold the office of president; the volunteers hope Lindsey can defuse the nasty situation.

When Carrie wins the election, Bill acts ugly towards the winner he considers a usurper and Lindsey who he accused of favoritism before stomping out in anger. When Carrie’s car fails to start, Mike “Captain Sully” Sullivan, who is attracted to Lindsey, intends to tale Carrie home first and then takes Lindsey to her house. They arrive at Carrie’s house only to find her husband Markus dead from a bullet to the heart. The police take Carrie in for intense questioning several times, but they always let her go. A blizzard places the homicide investigation on hold as all emergency personnel including the police help the townsfolk. Lindsey, her crafternoon comrades, and Heathcliff the canine inquire into the murder of a person universally loathed.

This charming Library Lover's Mystery cozy shows how in a crisis communities band together to help each other during an emergency; though Lindsey and her posse believe the real emergency is proving Carrie’s innocence and not the nor’easter. The killer is sly as the culprit wears an amiable mask of kindness while watching the library director and her crew making progress, just in case. Although Lindsey has no cause for involvement, like she did for her BFF Beth in Books Can Be Deceiving, she feels a need to volunteer as an amateur sleuth.

Harriet Klausner

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