Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Those Who Love Night-Wessel Ebersohn

Those Who Love Night

Wessel Ebersohn

Minotaur, Jan 31 2012, $.99

ISBN: 9780312655969

Abigail Bukula is a prosecutor in South Africa where she works for the Department of Justice. Abigail is unhappy with the politicians ending the successful Scorpions program who got felons convicted including some highly ranked corrupt officials; the leaders have replaced that cell with a politically correct unit Hawk who she knows is to leave the untouchable elite politicos alone. Adding to her despondency is she thinks her husband Robert Mokoapi is cheating on her; making her efforts to remain faithful that much harder as she is attracted to Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Organization official Jonas Chunga. Fear joins unhappiness when the cops arrest her former Scorpions’ leader Gert Pienaar.

Krisj Patel informs Abigail that her cousin Tony Makumne is one of the Harare Seven held captured in brutal Zimbabwean Chickurubi Prison. She insists her late Aunt Janice, who died in the 1982 Gukurahundi massacre in Bizanna, had only a daughter Katy. Patel sends a six-page letter and two pictures that stir Abigail to contact Jewish prison psychologist Yudel Gordon who teamed with her to bring justice to The October Killings. Abigail, who practiced law in Zimbabwe, travels there to represent the Harare Seven, but the authorities refuse to cooperate. When Patel is assassinated, though fearful she remains steadfast to see justice served.

This is a great thriller that showcases life under the vicious regime of Mugabe. With the exception of the Catholic Bishops ironically the world including western leaders ignored the real genocide of three decades ago, which is a key element in this strong legal thriller. With a shocking final twist, readers will appreciate dedicated Abigail trying to obtain justice for the Harare Seven inside a country where the sword is mightier than the pen.

Harriet Klausner

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