Monday, January 9, 2012

The Last Plea Bargain-Randy Singer

The Last Plea Bargain

Randy Singer

Tyndale, Mar 1 2012, $13.99

ISBN 9781414333212

Milton County, Georgia assistant District Attorney Jamie Brock is uncompromising when it comes to the legal system that she has sworn to uphold. For her three years working in the prosecution’s office, she never accepted a rejects plea bargain as she strongly believes this dealing abominates the justice system.

Defense attorney Caleb Tate is accused of murdering his wife Rikki. With a personal grudge against the powerful Tate for his over the top defense of the man convicted of murdering her mother, Brock wants to nail him with a capital punishment conviction. She and lead detective “LA” Finnegan work the murder case together. However, Tate has used the ADA’s convictions against her when he arranges for prisoners to refuse to plea bargain leads to the court system failing and felons freed for no reason except to clear the docket. At the same time, death sentence opponent Mace James works the appeal of the killer of Brock’s mother. As her world spins out of control, Brock realizes even her mother’s death is not as black and white as she once thought.

The Last Plea Bargain is a great legal thriller that looks closely at the impact of the war on crime overwhelming the under-budgeted court system, which leads to the overuse of plea bargaining. Ironically Brock can take her rigid moral stand because other flexible ADAs keep the system from clogging up. Satirizing chicken hawk politicians who are tough on crime except for funding the system and filled with clever twists, Randy Singer provides an entertaining tale that questions the meaning of justice in a judicial process that is financed and operated more like a logistical just in time warehousing operation.

Harriet Klausner

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