Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bonefire of the Vanities-Carolyn Haines

Bonefire of the Vanities

Carolyn Haines

Minotaur, June 19 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9780312641870

Zinnia, Mississippi private investigators Sarah Booth Delaney and Tinkie Bellcase Richmond, investigate the mysterious Heart’s Desire secret society that caters to an affluent grieving clientele. The star attraction Sherry Cameron the medium claims to unite grief-stricken rich people to their deceased beloveds. Sarah knows it is possible as her family “haint” Jitty plays fictional sleuths so well that the collective Carolyn Keene would appreciate her Drew.

Billionaire Marjorie Littlefield uses Sherry’s services to contact her late daughter who drowned years ago when she was ten. Marjorie believes her estranged son Chasley killed his sister and plans to leave her money to her cat Pluto. Sarah and Tinkie masquerade as Marjorie’s maids to get inside the maximum security spa resort to investigate the scam only to find a few corpses muddling the inquiry.

This Sarah Booth Delaney cozy (see Bones of a Feather) is an engaging mystery as the heroines look into an apparent scam artist preying on the bereaved. The fast-paced storyline entertains the readers though the villains are obvious especially to Pluto, Jitty and fans. Still Bonefire of the Vanities is an enjoyable investigative gig.

Harriet Klausner

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