Thursday, June 28, 2012

Some Like It Hawk- Donna Andrews

Some Like It Hawk

Donna Andrews

Minotaur, Jul 17 2012, $24.99

ISBN: 9781250007506

Former Mayor George Pruitt embezzled funds leaving Caerphilly, Virginia on the brink of bankruptcy. The town became infamous when the word spread that public facilities were mortgaged by Pruitt who took the money. The First Progressive Financial LLC, aka as the Evil Lender, closed the public facilities due to the lack of payment. Only town clerk Phineas Throckmorton remains in the way as for the past year he has barricaded himself in the courthouse basement though he uses a secret pre-Civil War tunnel leading from his abode to a crawl space beneath the bandstand to obtain supplies.

To help Phineas reload without the financiers hearing the old rusty door creak and to take advantage of their recent publicity of losing even the jail, the townsfolk host the Caerphilly Days festival for the summer tourists. However, FPF Vice president Colleen Brown is found murdered in the basement with Phineas as the only suspect though he has a perfect alibi that if revealed will be the curtain call for beleaguered Caerphilly unless the blacksmith and mom of infant twins Meg Langslow and others an find the real killer.

The latest Meg Langslow Mysteries (see The Real Macaw) is a great tale that satirizes the financial industry as a bunch of predatory hawks who will do anything for another golf course. Filled with eccentric characters, fans will relish this jocular whodunit as the bottom line is eighteen holes supersede a courthouse.

Harriet Klausner

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