Friday, June 15, 2012

The Zurich Conspiracy-Bernadette Calonego, Gerald Chapple (translator)

The Zurich Conspiracy

Bernadette Calonego, Gerald Chapple (translator)

AmazonCrossing, June 19 2012, $14.95

ISBN: 9781611090932

Several years ago in Zurich, Werner Schulmann sexually harassed Josefa Rehmer before leaving Loyn the leather accessories company. Five years later, Josefa is doing well in the event marketing department in the firm until Werner returns as her supervisor with the same demands of her though he is seeing another employee Clair Fendi. Werner being Werner claims as his plans what Clair and Josefa worked months on. Knowing her career at Loyn is over since they failed to give her the position she earned and would be on life support if she gives this odious person sexual favors and her brain, Josefa quits before he destroys her.

Soon after Josefa resigns, someone murders Schulmann. Not long after that the CEO commits suicide while people from bankrupt Swixan AG begin to die. Josefa realizes she is a suspect in the Schulmann homicide; as such she investigates a tangled web of arrogance, deceit and murder.

Though over the top of the Swiss Alps The Zurich Conspiracy is a fun amateur sleuth; as Josefa provides readers a tour of the old boy’s network that in this Swiss account fuels corporate intrigue and malicious mayhem. Though the language at times feels stilted, fans will enjoy the inquiry as the heroine finds one thing leads to another dangerous scenario.

Harriet Klausner

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