Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Key-Simon Toyne

The Key

Simon Toyne

HarperCollins, Apr 1 2012, $25.99

ISBN: 9780007391592

In the ancient city of Ruin in mountainous Turkey is the Citadel where the first bible was allegedly scribed. TV cameras catch a monk Brother Samuel climb to the top of the mountain, make the sign of the tau, and leap (see Sanctus). Soon after the violent death, explosions rip into the Citadel. Ten monks and three civilians, all injured, exit through a previously secret tunnel. The media proclaims the “Church on Road to Ruin”. Rumors spread that these survivors will reveal the true meaning of the Sacrament.

At the Vatican, Cardinal Secretary of State Clementi is stunned to learn that trillions of dollars have vanished. His prayer to save the Church from what could be a death scandal lies in Ruin. In a hospital, Samuel’s sister American journalist Liv Adamsen suffers from amnesia though she recalls entering the Citadel at Ruin but not much else. She is frightened because she keeps hearing a mantra claiming she is the Key. Others accept her as the Key with plans to use her. The mercenary Ghost hopes she can unlock dark powerful secrets; the Citadel monks pray she returns to end the plague that is destroying them; the Catholic Church hierarchy needs her dead before she kills the religion. Liv’s savior is charity worker Gabriel Mann.

The second Sancti trilogy continues the exciting Brownian thriller with a fast-paced entry. The key (no pun intended) cast is not as developed as in Sanctus especially the Vatican who come across as an overly used conspiracy crowd (then again this is a Brownian thriller). Still sub-genre fans will want to know the Key to the Sacrament.

Harriet Klausner

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