Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome Back To Pie Town-Lynn Hinton

Welcome Back To Pie Town

Lynn Hinton

Morrow, June 26 2012, $13.99

ISBN: 9780062045126

Catron County, New Mexico Sheriff Roger Benavidez fails to persuade the FBI Agent In Charge Williams they are invading the wrong house on a drug bust. There are no drugs inside only a single elderly female principal who has a heart attack.

In Pie Town, Afghan veteran Raymond Twinhorse angrily carries a gun, which frightens his live-in lover single mother Trina Lockhart. When he shoves her, hot water scalds her back. She grabs her infant Alexandria and locks herself and her baby in the bathroom until he leaves. Trina turns to Father George Morris who brought her to town when he arrived (see Pie Town) for help. He gets the sheriff’s wife Malene who works at a clinic to provide first aid to the burns and informs Raymond’s father Frank what happened. Meanwhile Deputy Danny White calls his boss to tell him that a robbery occurred at the Silver Spur in Datil and a gun was found in the nearby dumpster. The owner Gilbert Diaz accuses Raymond who acted badly yesterday of the theft. Roger cannot find Raymond while Williams begins a man hunt over $200 missing dollars.

This is an entertaining return to Pie Town as the caring locals rally around the troubled veteran they consider a hero while the Feds go on an expensive manhunt thwarted by the local residents. The well written storyline places a spotlight on PTSD that takes money to treat. Williams is a caricature of the arrogant Fed who should receive the Proxmire Golden Fleece Award for wasting government money who is also the epitome of Putts Law of Success and Failure. Still fans will enjoy this engaging tale as it takes a loving village and professionals to help a wounded warrior.

Harriet Klausner

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